Pictures 3 and 4.

Canal Street before streetcars.  The upper picture shows the street in the 1850s.  Notice the lines of omnibuses in the roadways on both sides of the neutral ground.  The lower picture was made on the occasion of the dedication of the Henry Clay statue in 1860, at the intersection of Canal Street with St. Charles Street and Royal Street.  Both views are looking out, away from the river, with the Vieux Carré (the French Quarter) to our right, and the American Quarter to the left.  The church whose steeple we can see on the right in both pictures is on the site that would later be occupied by the Maison Blanche department store.  Notice how the neutral ground seems to be filled with trees beginning about a block out from the statue, which would be the corner of Carondelet/Bourbon Streets. Original from Harper's Weekly (lower)



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