Pictures 19.3 and 19.5.

The Henry Clay statue, looking in the other direction, i.e., toward the lake.  The upper picture is earlier than the lower.  In both pictures, we can see the starter's house on the lake side of the statue, but in the upper picture, it is a much more primitive structure than the later one in the lower picture.  In the foreground of both photos, there is part of the loop used by the Orleans RR lines.  Just past it, we can observe several of the connecting tracks that bent around the statue.  At the far right in the upper picture, there are several horsecars awaiting departure time for their next outbound trips.  Also in the upper photo, there are several horse-drawn cabs awaiting fares in front of the starter's house and near the neutral ground curb at the far right. S. T. Blessing (upper)



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