Picture 19.7.

Henry Clay faces the river, so this view looks out toward the lake.  At our left, a horsecar of the Canal & Claiborne company is coming toward us on the outer track, which bends around the foot of the statue.  In the left foreground, we can see the track of the Crescent City RR joining that of the the Canal & Claiborne.  Cars of both companies operated in to the loop at the foot of Canal Street.  Notice the three dandies hanging around on the steps of the statue, and the little black boy sitting on the step with his chin on his hand.  To the right, two gentlemen and a fashionably dressed lady are examining something the lady is holding in her hand.  Note the electric arc light hanging over Canal Street, with some older gas lights nearby.  This picture dates from the period 1883 (Christ Church is gone) to 1887 (the light tower has not yet been built). Kilburn Brothers


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