Picture 25.

Here is a view similar to Pictures 20 through 24, but taken from a bit further back from the Clay statue.  We are looking out toward the lake along the downtown-side roadway.  In the very center of the picture, we see a horsecar on the outer lakebound track.  It has just negotiated the jog that track takes as it approaches the Clay statue.  To the left we see a horse or mule pulling an Orleans RR car (Bayou St. John or Broad line) around that company's loop; the car itself is out of sight to our left.  In the background, we can see another car on the outer lakebound track, and several cars on the inner layover tracks.  On the far side of the Clay statue's stepped base, we can see another horse or mule; from its position, it seems to be at the head of a car that is being turned on the turntable.  The track which connects the two New Orleans City RR turntables, one on each side of the statue, appears to be laid overlapping the rails of the outer lakebound track, forming a gauntlet track.  The church steeple in the background dates the picture to no later than 1883. Lilienthal (courtesy of Jeff Armstrong)


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