Pictures 27 and 28.

Two companion stereoptican views, both looking out toward the uptown side of Canal Street.  The upper was taken between Chartres and Royal Streets, with the Clay statue featured in the center.  The lower view was taken about a block further out, looking toward Carondelet Street, and featuring the six-track section.  In the upper picture, we have an excellent view of the turntables on both sides of the Clay statue.  At the left edge of the picture, we see a Magazine or Prytania car leaving its turntable on the center track, and an Orleans RR car (Bayou St. John or Broad line) next to the starter's house.  We can clearly see the jog in the lakebound outer track as the alignment changes from five tracks in the foreground to six in the next block.  The lower picture shows the complementary jog as the alignment changes again, from six tracks in the foreground to four in the block beyond Carondelet/Bourbon.  In both pictures, note the buggies waiting for passengers next to the neutral ground curb at Royal Street (the foreground of the lower picture). Mugnier (upper), Blessing (lower)



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