Pictures 40 and 41.

We are looking across the Clay statue toward the downtown side of Canal Street, with Royal Street leading off at the left.  In the left foreground of the lower picture, we can see the track that St. Charles Street RR Clio cars took to cross Canal Street, as it bends around the lake side of the statue from Royal into St. Charles Street (behind the photographer).  This track is absent in the upper picture, dating it to before the 1874 extension of the Clio line across Canal Street.  On the right in both pictures, we see cars on the Bayou St. John or Broad line; the car in the lower picture is clearly marked “Orleans R. R. Company”.  The cars have paused while circling the statue to return to Dauphine Street for their next outbound runs.  The lower picture gives us a great view of the business signs on the buildings at the corner of Royal and Canal, behind the statue: “Moody's Shirts”, “E. A. Tyler Watches & Jewelry”, “Washburn's Photography and Fine Art Gallery”, “J. A. Walker”, “C. Duhamel[?] Spectacles Optical Mathematical & Marine Instruments”.  Tyler's jewelry store advertises, among other things, “silver and plated ware”.  The building at the corner, housing Moody's, Tyler's, and Washburn's, was designed by Germain Musson, the grandfather of Edgar Degas. — S. T. Blessing, courtesy of Jeff Armstrong (upper)



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