Picture 42.

This picture looks toward the downtown side of Canal Street, facing toward the river.  In the center foreground we can see the bend in the riverbound outer track as it carries the Canal & Claiborne Streets RR (North) Claiborne and Tulane lines past the Henry Clay statue, and the curve from the downbound St. Charles Street track connecting to the outer track for the Crescent City RR Annunciation and Coliseum lines.  A car from one of these four lines is seen at the right, somewhat blurred by its motion.  We also see part of the loop track used by the Orleans RR lines to circle the Henry Clay statue.  ORR car 5, marked by a roof sign as a “smoking car”, is taking some layover time prior to its next departure.  Behind the mule pulling ORR car 5 is a car on the outer lakebound track, just starting to pass the Clay statue on one of the C&CSRR or CCRR lines.  To our right from the ORR car we can see the activity around the New Orleans City RR turntable on the river side of the Clay statue, used by the Magazine and Prytania lines.  There were three NOCRR tracks connected to this turntable (between the outer tracks of the C&CSRR).  We can see cars which have already been reversed on the turntable and are lined up on the rightmost two of the three tracks, awaiting their next upbound runs.  People are boarding at the rear door of the cars on the right hand track.  Note the tall, ornate structure in the neutral ground at Camp Street, the next cross street in this picture; it can be seen in a closeup in Pictures 66 ff.  This picture dates from after 1880 (since the Customs House, in the distance, appears to have a completed roof—compare Pictures 10 and 11), and before 1895 (when electrification of these horsecar lines began).  — Collection of Kevin T. Farrell


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