Picture 46.

This view of Canal Street looks in toward Camp St. from St. Charles/Royal, with the uptown side of Canal Street in the background.  The business Moses' Photographic Gallery seen in the right background was listed in city directories (e.g., 1872 and 1883) as B. & G. Moses, Celebrated Photographic Gallery, established 1846, located at no. 1 Camp Street corner of Canal.  The horse cars we see are lettered N. O. C. R. R. CO. on the lowest side panel.  There are five tracks here.  In the foreground, we see the outer (left) and inner (right) lakebound tracks, which are not occupied at this moment.  The horse cars are on the two riverbound inner tracks, both of which turn into Camp Street ahead of the cars.  There is an outer riverbound track, unoccupied just now, out of sight behind these horse cars.  Compare the earlier view in Picture 19, the view with the downtown side of Canal in the background in Picture 42, and the view from Magazine toward Camp in Pictures 64 and 65. S. T. Blessing


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