Pictures 51 through 54.

Four views up St. Charles Street from the Clay statue.  The top picture dates from before 1874, when the Clio line was extended across Canal Street.  The photographer must have erected a scaffold, putting him at the height of the Henry Clay statue; note Mr. Clay appearing to float in the left foreground.  At the time of this picture, all three lines of the St. Charles Street RR came down Carondelet, in Canal for one block, and then up St. Charles (away from the camera) to begin their return trips.  The two horsecars seen here are presumably awaiting their departure times.  The second picture gives us a closer view of two horsecars waiting to begin their trips uptown.  Note the signboards mounted lengthwise on the roofs of the two cars.  Unfortunately, we cannot tell whether they are route signs or advertising.  The third picture, taken from mid-block, shows well the ballast block paving and the single track.  Later, in 1881, a second track was built on this street, to our left from the track shown, for downbound traffic on the new Coliseum line of the Crescent City RR.  At that time, the upbound track shown in the three top pictures was moved over from the center of the street.  The bottom view shows the result, probably in the 1880s.  The photographer is standing on the steps of the Clay statue.  Part of the fence around it is seen in the foreground.  The curved track just beyond the fence is part of the Orleans RR loop around the statue.  St. Charles Street RR horsecar 17 is turning from Canal Street into the center layover track, where another horsecar ahead of car 17 is awaiting its departure time.  The other track at the right, which car 17 is crossing, is the track from Royal Street, behind the photographer.  For some obscure reason, the two tracks crossed each other.  The merging of the two upbound tracks can be seen just beyond the cars.  The downbound track for the Coliseum line is at the left; note the jog it takes to make room in the street for the upbound layover track.  In all four pictures, the old St. Charles Hotel (built about 1853, burned down in 1894) is in the background, and in the top and bottom pictures, the Pickwick Club is in the right foreground. S. T. Blessing (first and third), J. F. Jarvis (bottom)





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