Pictures 55 through 58.

Four similar views up St. Charles Street from Canal.  We have clear views of the downbound track in St. Charles (on the left), and the two upbound tracks, the middle track from the Canal Street outer riverbound track, and the right one for cars crossing Canal from Royal Street.  The old St. Charles Hotel is in the background, at the bend in the street.  What looks like a horizontal flaw in front of the hotel image in the bottom picture is a wind-tangled banner stretched across the street.  In the top view, a carriage is giving its passengers a smoother ride by following the downbound tracks.  The sign along the top of the streetcar at the right advertises the railroad depots that the car serves: “ILL CENTRAL SO PACIFIC & PONT RRs”.  Note that every gentleman is wearing some variation of a derby hat. — Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection (top), G. F. Mugnier (lower middle and bottom)





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