Picture 63.5.

The photographer is looking across the Canal Street neutral ground toward the downtown side, standing at about St. Charles Street, looking toward Camp/Chartres.  The fountain at Camp Street is seen in the right background, with a horsecar behind it on the turntable for the Tchoupitoulas and S. Peters lines.  The track closest to the camera is the riverbound track of the Canal & Claiborne Company. The three horsecars in the foreground, on the Magazine and Prytania lines, have already turned on their turntable (which is out of the picture at the left), and are lined up on the two layover tracks awaiting departure time for their next upbound runs.  The tracks they are on can be seen to converge to one as they approach Camp Street at the right, then that track crosses the C&C track and turns into Camp Street.  We see two elegantly dressed ladies in ankle-length skirts walking toward the nearest horsecar, and blurred images of three other passengers following behind them.  Note the bridge over the open gutter.  In the background, the roof of the Custom House appears to be complete; that dates the picture to no earlier than 1881.  (There is a flaw at the right edge of the picture at Camp Street.) S. T. Blessing


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