Picture 63.

This picture looks toward the river from Camp Street, just about the opposite direction from the two previous pictures.  The fountain at Camp St. is at the left side of the view.  The date is at least 1873, because, immediately to our right from the fountain, we have a good view of the turntable for the Crescent City RR Tchoupitoulas line, which was extended that year from Magazine Street to this point.  Several cars are moving away from us, with approaching cars barely visible beyond them on the adjacent track.  The outer riverbound track, momentarily empty of cars, is in the foreground.  In the next block, to our far right, we can see the terminal of the New Orleans City RR French Market and Levee & Barracks lines, in front of the Custom House.  Comparing this picture to Picture 62, we see that construction of the new Tchoupitoulas line terminal obliterated one of the two lines of trees we see in that picture.  It seems that trees must always give way to progress! Mugnier


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