Pictures 64 and 65.

These views look out toward the lake from about Magazine/Decatur.  In the upper picture, the horsecars have just been turned on the Crescent City RR turntable at Camp Street.  The tall, ornate fountain behind them, which can also be seen close up in Pictures 66 ff, is next to the turntable.  The track in the foreground is the outer riverbound track, belonging to the Canal & Claiborne Streets RR, and used by that company's (North) Claiborne and Tulane lines, and by the Crescent City RR Annunciation and Coliseum lines.  We can see a crossover between the CCRR inner tracks.  In the lower picture, we see two Crescent City horsecars near the same turntable.  The Magazine and Prytania lines of the New Orleans City RR use the curve in the right foreground to enter the right-hand track, the inner lakebound track.  The jog in front of the connecting switch appears to be a crossover between the New Orleans City RR inner track and the Canal & Claiborne Streets RR outer track, which is out of sight on the far side of the line of trees.  The blur at the left center of the lower picture is a horsecar in motion, apparently on the outer riverbound track.  Note the protective slats around the trunks of the young trees, which are only installed on the downtown side of the neutral ground.  Compare the double line of trees in Picture 62, before the CCRR turntable was built.  It appears that when the turntable was built, its approach tracks displaced the trees on the uptown side of the neutral ground.  In the upper picture, at the right, we see a sign for Darcy's at the top front of a building, and above that, what appears to be a gigantic top hat mounted on a pole. S. T. Blessing (both)



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