Picture 68.

Two Crescent City RR horsecars, on the S. Peters or Tchoupitoulas lines, around 1890, approach Magazine Street on their way to Tchoupitoulas Street.  Between Camp/Chartres and Magazine/Decatur, there were five horsecar tracks, and between Magazine/Decatur and Peters, there were six.  The track in the foreground, turning from Magazine into Canal Street, was for the use of the Magazine and Prytania lines, approaching their turntable on the river side of the Clay statue at St. Charles/Royal Streets.  These lines departed Canal Street on Camp Street, one block out from here.  In the right foreground, we see a jog in the riverbound outer track of the Canal & Claiborne RR, bringing that track off of the neutral ground into the roadway.  (See the caption of Picture 62.5 for more on this alignment.)


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