Picture 69.5.

Look at all the horsecars!  This view shows how the multi-track system on Canal Street was just about at maximum capacity during rush hours.  We are looking toward the downtown side of Canal Street, toward the river, with the Touro Building in the left foreground.  The cross street just past the Touro Building is Royal Street.  The block in the foreground is the block between Bourbon/Carondelet, out of sight to our left, and Royal/St. Charles, where the Henry Clay statue is located.  At the far right, we can see cars on the loop curve where the Orleans RR lines terminate.  Beyond Mr. Clay, we can see the tracks of the City RR terminal for the Magazine and Prytania lines.  On our side of the statue, just to the right of center, we can see a horsecar being turned on the turntable of the Canal, Dauphine, and Esplanade lines of the City RR.  The track closest to the camera is the riverbound track of the Canal & Claiborne Co., shared with the Orleans RR and the St. Charles Street RR.  The closest car to the camera is an Orleans RR car, pulled by a white mule, on its way to the loop around the Clay statue.  Ahead of that car is one lettered for the Canal & Claiborne Co., on its way to the loop at the foot of Canal Street.  In this congestion, who knows how long it may take to get there! Theo. Lilienthal


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