Pictures 70, 71, and 72.

In the top picture, the photographer is standing at Royal Street looking out toward Bourbon.  The middle picture was taken from about the same place.  In both, we see mostly single truck cars, with the distinctive tower building at Carondelet Street at the left edge of each picture.  On the right in the middle picture, we see signs for Grunwald Pianos and for Marks Isaacs Co.  In the bottom picture, we are looking in toward the river from a mid-block spot next to Maison Blanche, between Dauphine St., behind the photographer, and Bourbon St., ahead, with downtown to his left.  In the next block, we can see a large vertical sign for a Katz & Besthoff, the long-time New Orleans drug store chain.  The dash sign on the closest car, approaching on the lakebound inner track, can be seen: “Pay Conductor on Entering”.  In the foreground in all three pictures, the double right rail of the three-rail double-gauge outer lakebound track can be seen, with deteriorated paving between the rails in the bottom picture. — F. M. Kirby & Co. (top), C. T. American Art (middle), Lipsher Specialty Co. (bottom)




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