Picture 73.

Single truck, standard gauge car 258 is heading in to the river on the outer track at Baronne Street.  The dash signs read “Pay conductor on entering” and “Baseball New Orleans vs Atlanta Pelican Park”.  The St. Charles/Tulane Belt cars passed right by Pelican Park, at Tulane and S. Carrollton, which suggests that this car was on one of the Belt lines.  Unfortunately, the route sign cannot be read to confirm this.  New Orleans Ry. & Light Co. ordered standard gauge cars 255-259 from McGuire-Cummings in 1908.  They were part of the last order of Ford Bacon & Davis (FB&D) cars in New Orleans.  This picture gives us another good look at the double right rail of the dual gauge track.  Note the ornate scroll work on some of the poles supporting the overhead system and the street lights.


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