Picture 77.2.

This photo looks toward the river from the Carondelet/Bourbon intersection.  It dates after the removal of the Clay statue from the next cross street, St. Charles/Royal, about 1900, and before the enclosure of all streetcar platforms in 1904.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to make out the route signs on the cars, even those nearest the camera.  There are at least seven streetcars in this one block of Canal Street.  We see widespread use of umbrellas by the ladies avoiding the hot sun.  There is a man standing on the neutral ground, in the middle where the fifth track would be, next to a small stand which seems to include a white umbrella.  He is standing next to a track switch.  One can guess that he is there to set the switch as needed as the outbound streetcars come up to that point. John N. Teunisson


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