Picture 77.

This picture of early electrified Canal Street has some unusual elements.  We are looking out from the Clay statue at St. Charles/Royal to the tower at Carondelet/Bourbon.  The presence of the tower dates the picture not later than 1897.  The stepped base of the statue is gone.  We can see streetcars on all five tracks between the two cross streets.  Later, there was a gap in the center track here, but at this time, we can see three streetcars on the center track between the Clay statue and the tower.  Of course, the center track could not cross the St. Charles/Royal intersection, because of the statue.  Some lines terminated here in the period from 1895 to about 1900.  It is not known at what date the center track was removed between Baronne/Dauphine and St. Charles/Royal.  After that time, the center track out from Baronne/Dauphine was used only by West End trains, none of which are seen in this picture. A. Wittemann, Picturesque New Orleans, 1898


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