Pictures 80, 80.1, 80.2, 81, 82, and 82.5.

The Krewe of Rex parades for Mardi Gras.  The top picture was taken some time in the middle to late 1890s.  Note the Henry Clay statue with its reduced base in the middle of the St. Charles/Royal Street intersection.  This view is facing out, toward the lake.  The next two pictures are details from the first, clipped from an enhanced image posted on  Car 92 is working the Peters Ave. line, as indicated by the sign on the dash.  The roof sign reads, “IC/L&N DEPOTS”.  This car was part of a big 1894 order from the Brill Co. for cars 66-115.  Note the notched window sash.  The other detail view highlights car 236, which was part of an 1893 order from Brill that included cars 51-65 and 230-239.  (Why ten of these cars were numbered in the 200s is a curious little mystery.)  Again, we see seven notched windows.  The fourth picture is dated 1901.  Its location is not clear.  Note that there is no sign of the Henry Clay statue, which by then had been moved to Lafayette Square.  The fifth picture is from a card that is postmarked 1912.  The closest intersection is Carondelet and Bourbon Streets, looking out.  The bottom picture, dated April 30, 1912, shows a U. S. Navy unit passing.  A good deal of detail can be made out in this picture, but unfortunately, the only car number that can be read is for one “Palace” car, number 0126, about in the middle of the picture, inbound toward the river.  Across the neutral ground from 0126 is an FB&D car with the markings of the New Orleans & Carrollton RR, on the outbound outer track.  Most of the lines crossing the bottom picture left-to-right are the overhead trolley wire and its supporting wires.  There is actually a close-up view of some of the hardware of the overhead wire system.  In later years, streetcars were turned back during the parades, and the crowds were allowed to mill around on the empty Canal Street neutral ground. — Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection (top), Detroit Photographic Co. (fourth); detail views from







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