Pictures 83 and 84.

It's an exercise for the reader, right?  But ok, here's the answer.

John McDonogh was a New Orleans businessman who died in 1850.  Though known as a miser during his lifetime, he left a will bequeathing his $2 million estate for the education of boys and girls in Baltimore (his native city) and New Orleans.  This fortune was used in New Orleans to found its public school system, initially building 35 schools.  His will also asked that “it may be permitted annually to the children of the free schools to plant and water a few flowers around my grave.”  His final grave was in Baltimore, so New Orleans children plant flowers around this monument erected in 1898 in Lafayette Square.  Note the statues of children on the pedestal of McDonogh's statue, and the children playing near the statue in the upper picture. — Albertype (upper), Raphael Tuck & Sons (lower)