Pictures 90.5 and 90.6.

This stereo view is taken at about the same angle as the previous picture, looking toward Maison Blanche, but from a point near the corner of Carondelet/Bourbon and Canal.  The nearest car, car 184, is marked “N. O. & C. R. R. CO.” (New Orleans and Carrollton RR Co.); it is on the outer riverbound track.  It was part of an order of 70 Ford Bacon & Davis (FB&D) cars, numbers 160-229, built by American Car Co. in 1899.  Across from it, on the outer lakebound track, is another car from the same order, with the same markings.  We can see the double right rail on the dual-gauge track in front of car 184.  Behind car 184, on the inner riverbound track, is a Brill car number 23-something, one of the group 230-239 ordered as part of the first order of cars from Brill in 1893 for the 1895 electrification of the New Orleans City & Lake RR lines.  It is still riding on its original double trucks.  At the far right we see another Brill car, marked for the “N. O. C.” (New Orleans City) & Lake RR.  This one has lost its original double trucks in favor of a single truck.  Following car 184 on the same track is a Pullman car with a sign for the opera Lakmé.  It appears to be on the Dryades Line of the St. Charles Street RR, which makes this car one of the 40 cars ordered from Pullman by that company in 1895, numbers 1-40.  There is no center track in the block to our right (between Carondelet/Bourbon and St. Charles/Royal Streets).  But in the block to our left, we can see a West End train on the center track, and some crossovers are visible which were presumably used by the West End motor car to run around its trailers in preparation for its return trip.  The West End trailers are rarely seen in pictures from this era.  The closer one, with a primitive arch roof, is a passenger trailer, probably one of the “Coleman” trailers built in New Orleans, seen in its original configuration.  Behind it (to our left) is a railroad-roof trailer which appears to be the baggage car.  The only other known pictures of the baggage car are found on page 170 of Hennick & Charlton's book The Streetcars of New Orleans.  A motor car can be seen at the head of the train, apparently ready to begin its run out to West End.  Just this side of the “Coleman” trailer is another Brill car, number 235 or 236, on the inner lakebound track; we cannot see its truck(s).  The second picture is a blown-up detail of the West End train, with the Brill 235 or 236 near it, and the Pullman car in the foreground.  All the streetcars in this picture, except for the cars in the West End train and at least one of the Brill cars, are single truck cars.  Note the horse (or mule) drawn wagons moving merchandise along Canal Street, operating in both directions on each side of the neutral ground.  The picture probably dates from the very early twentieth century, before the 1904 conversion of open car platforms to closed. — H. G. White

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