Picture 91.

This picture looks toward the old Maison Blanche building from a spot between Camp and St. Charles Streets, at about the same angle as the two previous pictures.  The open platforms on the streetcars tell us that the date is earlier than 1904.  A Clio or Carondelet car is crossing Canal from Royal to St. Charles.  At the right edge of the picture is a car on the inner lakebound track, and just in front of it (to our left) we see a car marked N. O. & C. R. R. on the outer lakebound track.  In the right foreground, we can see the crossover that takes the Orleans RR cars from the riverbound outer track, across the inner track, to their stub-end terminal on the center track.  Isn't it wonderful that citizens are able to stroll down the roadway without fear for their lives! R. R. Whiting (Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division)


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