Picture 92.

A sister car to car 184 seen in Picture 90.5, car 188 is seen somewhere along the New Orleans & Carrollton St. Charles-Tulane Belt line, probably on St. Charles Avenue.  These cars were part of a group of 70 single truck cars, numbers 160-229, built by the American Car Co. for the New Orleans & Carrollton in 1899.  The cars were designed by the engineering firm Ford & Bacon, later Ford, Bacon & Davis (FB&D).  This firm designed the electrification and improvements to several New Orleans streetcar companies, beginning in 1894 with the Orleans RR, the Canal & Claiborne RR, and then the New Orleans & Carrollton.  The work included the specification of an improved electric streetcar, a design which was so successful that it was adopted by the other street railroads in New Orleans, of both track gauges.  Eventually 217 of them ran in the city.  Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the FB&D car type is the wide clerestory roof, which is even more obvious in Picture 94.  This car is also seen in Picture 109, later in its life, after closed vestibules had been added in 1904. New Orleans & Carrollton R.R., Light & Power Co.


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