Pictures 96 through 96.4.

The top picture was taken from a similar vantage point to the preceding, Picture 95, perhaps at the same time.  The nearest intersection is Camp/Chartres.  Most of the closest streetcars are on the inner tracks.  One streetcar can be seen crossing Canal Street one block further away, from Royal into St. Charles Street, i.e., from our right to left.

The other four pictures are details from the top picture.  In the first, we see at left an unidentified car inbound toward the river (a guess would be that this is one of the Brills from the 1893-95 orders of the New Orleans Traction Co.), and “Palace” car 021 on the Magazine line lakebound toward its terminal on N. Franklin Street.  The second detail picture features “Palace” car 024, also lakebound, but the route signs (clerestory window and dashboard) cannot quite be read.  The third detail picture displays two “Palace” cars on the inner riverbound and lakebound tracks, car 027 being the closer, with a single truck car between them on the center track terminal of the Orleans RR lines.  We also get a closer view of the St. Charles Street RR car crossing Canal.  The fourth detail picture shows at least eight more streetcars further out on Canal Street.  The nearest one, at the left, riverbound on the outer track, appears to belong to the St. Charles Street RR.  It will turn up St. Charles Street to begin its upbound run.  The rest of the streetcars in the picture are too far away to make out any details.

None of these streetcars has closed vestibules, which dates the picture to before the 1904 law mandating them.  On several of the “Palace” cars, we can see, behind the dash, part of a vertical wheel, which is the emergency hand brake; this implies that those cars were equipped with air brakes. — Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection






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