Pictures 98, 99, and 100.

For these pictures, the photographers stood in the center of the fifth track, looking out toward the lake.  Somehow, they each found a moment with no streetcars on any of the five tracks in the block.  The top and middle pictures were taken in the block between Camp/Chartres Streets (ahead) and Magazine/Decatur (behind); the bottom picture was taken in the next block out, between St. Charles/Royal (ahead) and Camp/Chartres (behind).  In the top picture, note the presence of both horsedrawn and motorized vehicles operating the “wrong way” in the Canal Street roadways.  It would not be many years before the traffic increase necessitated the establishment of modern traffic rules requiring operation only in the right-hand roadway, as seen in the middle and bottom pictures.  In the bottom picture, we see the gap of the missing center track, but the touchup artist has overdone it; we should be seeing the center track in the nearest block, though after 1925, it would have been unused in regular revenue service.  There is an early gasoline bus at the left in the bottom picture. — J. Scordill (top), New Orleans News (middle), John F. Toulmin (bottom)




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