Pictures 101, 102, and 103.

These three pictures look out from Camp/Chartres, showing the downtown-side buildings on Canal Street.  The upper two, dated 1904, are essentially the same picture.  The lowest picture appears to have been taken at almost the same time, perhaps just a few moments later.  All feature several of the large “Palace” cars on the inner tracks.  There are also several single-truck cars, including one turning from the inner river-bound track into Camp Street; in the upper picture, the car number can be made out, 220.  One of the “Palace” cars, on the center (fifth) track, has makeshift signs “Seeing New Orleans Special Car”.  In the lowest picture, one can make out a Clio or Carondelet single-truck car crossing Canal at the next intersection, St. Charles/Royal. — Rotograph Co. (top two), Hugh C. Leighton Co. (bottom)

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