Picture 104.

This is the outer cover of what claims to be Volume 1, Number 1 for April 1903 of a periodical named Utility Magazine.  The “magazine” consists of four pages, one sheet of paper, and the only content is advertising.  All except the back page is about the sightseeing excursions available for a fifty cent fare “Daily and Sunday from Canal and Camp Streets, leaving at 10:30 a.m.  Making a thirty mile trip through the French and American quarters, viewing over one hundred points of local and historic interest.  Returning at 1:30 p.m.  Gentleman in charge of car delivers an interesting lecture during trip.”  The two interior pages give the major points of interest on the route.  The car started on Canal at Camp/Chartres, then turned down N. Peters Street to Esplanade Avenue.  It proceeded out Esplanade all the way to City Park Avenue, and turned up toward the cemeteries at the head of Canal Street.  It then followed the West End line out to its terminal at the lake, and returned via Canal Street to Camp Street.  The car turned up Camp Street and proceeded through the Garden District to Audubon Park, apparently following the Prytania line in both directions.  The trip ended on return to Canal Street.  The picture shown on the cover of the magazine is not a true picture of a New Orleans streetcar.  The sightseeing car seen in Pictures 101 to 103 might have been offering the service described here. — New Orleans-Crescent Information and Employment Bureau

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