Picture 105.

This handbill advertised a sightseeing streetcar service, probably an expansion of the service described in Picture 104 from once to twice daily, and from thirty to fifty miles.  (But the fare remained at 50 cents!)  The handbill mentions that the service departs from the neutral ground at Canal and Baronne, presumably from the center track.  One assumes that, in addition to visiting West End, it toured several of the major lines in the city.  The West End line was about a 13 mile round trip.  The entire streetcar system at this time included about 200 route miles, so the sightseeing car apparently traversed about a quarter of the city system.  However, we don't have a detailed route, as we do for the 1903 service described in Picture 104.  The significance of the dates February 23 to 28, 1911 is not known.  It is also unclear whether the Armand Hawkins Co., advertised at the bottom of the handbill, had anything to do with the sightseeing service; one suspects that they simply bought advertising space on the handbill.

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