Picture 106.

This picture is looking out toward the lake from about Camp/Chartres Streets.  The first building to our right is May's Drug Store.  The two closest streetcars are both “Palace” cars.  The open platforms on the cars date the picture to before 1904.  The car at our left, coming toward us on the riverbound inner track, is car 036, signed for the Dauphine line.  To our right from car 036, heading away from us on the lakebound inner track, is car 085, signed for the Magazine line.  At least three more cars can be seen to the right, two in front of car 085 on the inner track, and one on the lakebound outer track.  In the foreground, we see again the double right rail on the outer track.  Note the fashionably dressed ladies with their wonderful chapeaux! — Albertype Co./Thomas F. Cessner

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