Pictures 107-109, 109.5, 110-112.

The Custom House, on Canal between Decatur and N. Peters.  The top picture illustrated a New Orleans City RR tourist guide and system map dated February 1902.  The streetcar could be on the French Market, Levee & Barracks, S. Peters, or Tchoupitoulas* lines of NOCRR.

The next picture was taken some time between 1905 and 1909.  At this time, New Orleans Railway and Light Co. operated all streetcar service in New Orleans.  The nearest car is so labeled; the green car behind it appears to be marked for one of the component companies leased by NOR&L.

The third picture probably dates from about the same time as the second.  At the left, single truck Ford, Bacon & Davis (FB&D) car 188, identifiable by the wide clerestory roof, is approaching on the outer riverbound track.  On the right, Canal Belt “Palace” car 017 is following single truck car 163 lakebound on the inner track.

The fourth picture, postmarked 1909 and probably taken a year or more earlier, features FB&D cars on the outer tracks; the cars on the inner tracks are probably Brills.

The fifth picture is probably a few years newer than the previous ones, because there is a “Pay Conductor on Entering” (PAYE) sign on the dash of “Palace” car 02, just left of center, and the other two cars in the view.  However, an artist's airbrush has removed not only the overhead wires and poles, but even the trolley pole of the single truck car just right of center.

In the sixth picture, a French Market or Levee & Barracks car has just turned into N. Peters from Canal, heading downtown (away from the camera).  Notice that no tracks cross Canal Street at this point.

The bottom picture, postmarked 1915, features two cars on N. Peters Street.  The nearer one is crossing Canal from S. Peters, going away from the camera; on its return trip, it will cross into Tchoupitoulas* Street.  This car is on the Tchoupitoulas line, which for a few years in the 'teens crossed Canal and ran down N. Peters from here.  Note the flags drawn above the roof of the building in several of these views. — Grombach-Faisans Co., Ltd. (second), Rotograph Co. (third), I. Stern (fourth), Acmegraph Co. (fifth), Detroit Publishing Co. (sixth), S. H. Kress & Co. (bottom)

*Pronounced “chop-i-too-lus”.

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