Picture 121.

This stereoptican view, probably taken around 1905, looks out toward the old Maison Blanche building, with the St. Charles/Royal intersection in the foreground.  We see several prominent signs advertising businesses: on the uptown side of Canal (to the left), M. B. Stevens & Co. Outfitters; on the downtown side, B. Cohn Co. and Grunewald's Music (twice!).  We can clearly see the tracks crossing Canal at St. Charles/Royal and at the next intersection, Carondelet/Bourbon.  And we see the empty space where there is no center track between Baronne/Dauphine and St. Charles/Royal.  Just the other side of the Baronne/Dauphine intersection, there are streetcars on the center track, presumably cars of a West End train at its terminus. Berry, Kelley & Chadwick

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