Pictures 128 and 129.

Two similar views of Canal Street, looking toward the lake.  In each picture, the first cross street is Carondelet/Bourbon, where in the upper picture we see cars on both the inner and outer lakebound tracks taking on passengers.  The rightmost car in each picture (on the outer lakebound track) is one of the first group of arch roof streetcars in New Orleans, other than some home-built trailers.  Cars 400-449 were built in 1915 by the Southern Car Co. of High Point, NC.  They were typically used on the St. Charles and Tulane Belt lines.  The cars of the later 800-972 class and 1000-1019 class were refined versions of the 400-449 class.  In the lower picture, car 405 appears to be signed for the Tulane Belt line.  The car next to it, on the inner lakebound track, is a “Palace” car. — C. B. Mason (lower)

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