Picture 131.6.

Standard gauge car 230 on the outer track, and wide gauge car 240 on the inner track, approach the termini at the foot of Canal Street, about 1900-1904.  The view looks out, away from the river, with the Custom House at the right.  A track crosses from S. Peters St. at the left, curving into the inner lakebound track at the right; car 230 is just crossing that track.  The switches in the foreground connect the layover tracks for the inner-track lines, which are behind the photographer, converging to the inner lakebound track.  FB&D car 230 is one of the 230-244 series built in 1900 by St. Louis Car Co. for the New Orleans & Carrollton.  Car 240 is one of the 240-259 group built by Jackson & Sharp in 1899 for New Orleans Traction Co.  (The distortion at the lower left corner of the photo is a tear in the emulsion on the glass plate.  We have chosen not to attempt a repair.)


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