Picture 132.

A picture of the eight track layover area at the foot of Canal Street, from a stereoptican card, after the 1906 rearrangement of these tracks.  The photographer is facing out (toward the lake), with the Liberty Monument behind him.  The cars on the far left track are coming toward the camera, so they are on the inner riverbound track, approaching the inner loop.  The next three tracks (from left to right) are the three layover tracks for the inner track system.  The two rightmost tracks seen here are two of the three layover tracks for the outer track system; the third layover track would be farther to the right, and is apparently unoccupied at this moment.  The track across the foreground of the picture is probably the track leading to the Wells Street crossover.  At the far right of the picture, we can see a switchman wielding his iron bar to change a track switch.  Behind him can be seen the track leading back to Canal from the Wells Street crossover.  There are two small buildings on the neutral ground, at the far right of the picture, which presumably were shelters for the carmen and other street railway personnel working here. Davis Bros.


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