Pictures 133.4, 133.5, and 133.6.

This is one of a group of pictures taken by the Detroit Publishing Co. photographer from the heights of the Hotel Grunewald.  Together, they show a panoramic view of New Orleans.  This one of the set shows Canal Street at the left, with the Custom House prominent at the left edge of the photo.  We can see the Mississippi River across the back, and Algiers, the far shore, faintly in the distance.  The dome in the right foreground is the Jesuit Church of the Immaculate Conception on Baronne Street.


The other two pictures are high-resolution details from the original, as posted to the web by  The first, with the Mayer Israel sign in the foreground on the roof of a near building, shows three single truck cars moving along Canal Street.  The two at the left are heading lakebound, and the one by itself is on a riverbound track.  They are in the block of Canal between Chartres/Camp (out of the picture at the left) and Decatur/Magazine.  The Custom House, on Canal between Decatur and N. Peters, is in the background of this closeup.  Unfortunately, no details of the streetcars are visible.


The second closeup is perhaps the best part of this picture.  We see the L&N depot at the left center, and the ferry building to its right (with a clock tower), then a steamboat with its twin smoke stacks.  Two streetcars are visible.  One is near the L&N depot on one of the loops, preparing to return out Canal Street; it appears to be crossing Canal Street.  The other is at the ferry landing.  This is one of only two pictures known to the author that show a streetcar at the ferry landing (see the next picture for the other one).  The car is on the Dryades-Ferry line, which served this terminal from its inception in 1901 until about 1917, when the Louisiana line took over service to the landing. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection.  Detail views from


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