Picture 133.

The double loop at the Liberty Monument, some time between the addition of the second loop in 1906 and about 1920 (judging by the absence of automobiles).  At the left, a streetcar is just starting around one of the loops.  According to Hennick and Charlton, the second loop was added around 1906, and the ferry terminus was added about 1904.  However, there is no sign of the track to the ferry terminus in this picture.  It may be out of sight at the edges of the view.  Or perhaps the second loop was built before the ferry terminus, and these approximate dates need to be adjusted.  The track in the foreground belongs to a steam railroad, and has no connection to the streetcar tracks (except for a crossing with the ferry terminus track, which is not seen here).  This same steam railroad track can also be observed in pictures from a half century later (e.g., Picture 335). Collection of the New Orleans Public Library, courtesy of Edward Branley


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