Picture 134.

This is the only other picture known to the author that shows the ferry stub at the foot of Canal Street, below the Liberty Monument loops.  It is looking out, away from the river.  We can see, directly ahead and just left of center, a straight view out Common Street (Tulane Avenue).  In the left distance, one can make out the tower of the Hibernia Bank Building, which was completed in 1921.  Judging by the light automobile traffic, the picture was probably taken not much later than that year.  There is a single truck streetcar at the terminus, serving either the Louisiana line (if the picture is before 1923) or the Ferry line (if 1923 or later).  Behind this car, we can see a long, arch roof car, one of the Southern Car Co. 400s, or just possibly an 800 series car, making its way around the outer loop at the Liberty Monument.  There are very few streetcars in the scene, suggesting perhaps that it is Sunday.


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