Pictures 141.4, 141.5, and 141.6.

One more view up St. Charles Street from Canal.  The top picture is the postcard from the Detroit Publishing Co., and the second is the original photo from which the postcard was made, taken from the publisher's archive.  We see an upbound car as it leaves Canal on one of the former St. Charles Street RR lines: Clio, Carondelet, or Dryades.  Note the early form of automotive competition at the right, with a sign saying “For Hire.”  The third picture is a detail from the second, showing a surprisingly clear view of the streetcar and another automobile.  Car 74 was one of the group of FB&D cars numbered 51-80, purchased by the St. Charles Street RR from St. Louis Car Co. in October 1901, order number 232.  It originally had an open vestibule; the closed vestibule seen here dates the photo to no earlier than 1904, when all open vestibules were enclosed in accord with Louisiana law.  The route sign on the dash it is not readable, but the one in the clerestory end window identifies the car as being on the Clio line.  The larger dash sign reads “Pay Conductor on Entering”, which suggests a date closer to 1910. Detroit Publishing Co. (postcard); Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection (second and third pictures)




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