Picture 142.

This is a view of St. Charles Street just up from the St. Charles Hotel, looking up, about 1901.  Single truck car 285 at our left is downbound, on the Coliseum or Henry Clay line.  Cars 278-288 were built by Brill in 1895.  To our right, car 40 is upbound on the Dryades line.  The route sign on the roof of the front platform reads Dryades St., and another sign atop the clerestory roof reads Canal St.  Car 40 is the high number from the first order of electric streetcars for the St. Charles Street RR.  Six-window cars 1-40 were ordered from the Pullman Co. in 1895.  Ahead of car 40, we can see a horse-drawn wagon using the streetcar tracks, and another streetcar ahead of the wagon. M. H. Zahner


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