Picture 147.

A “Palace” car on the Canal Street inner track, and single truck FB&D car 247 on the outer track, are both proceeding toward the river (right to left) in this view up Carondelet Street.  A Coliseum, Henry Clay, or Annunciation car is operating up Carondelet (away from the photographer).  In the distance, a Clio or Carondelet car is approaching Canal Street (toward the photographer).  In the left foreground we can see the track which that car will take to cross Canal Street and proceed to the downtown portion of its route.  The umbrella in the foreground shades the traffic policeman's stand, but the policeman is elsewhere at the moment.  Behind the “Palace” car, in the building with the distinctive corner tower, is Fellman's store selling “Dry Goods” and “Fancy Goods”.  Down Carondelet Street can be seen a “City Bank” sign.  This postcard is captioned “The Wall Street of New Orleans”.  Carondelet Street is the location of various important banking and financial institutions, some of which built tall buildings such as the ones seen in the background here. — S. H. Kress & Co., collection of Joseph Skinner


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