Pictures 150.5 and 150.6.

Another view of Royal Street, looking away from Canal Street, with a Clio car coming toward the photographer.  The second picture is a detail closeup from the first.  The car is signed Clio St. above the platform hood, with a secondary Bourbon St. sign on top of the clerestory roof.  It's easy to see why this car line was sometimes called the C-L-ten line.  Car 4 was one of the first group of electric cars, numbers 1-40, ordered from the Pullman Co. in 1895 by the St. Charles Street RR.  The picture dates to before 1905, since in 1904, all car platforms were enclosed.  We see some of the ornate ironwork on the balconies of the buildings. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Detroit Publishing Company Collection



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