Pictures 168 and 169.

Here is Esplanade Ave., the downriver boundary of the Vieux Carré.  The upper view looks from N. Rampart Street toward the river; the lower, postmarked 1903, looks away from the river from N. Peters past the old Mint (at the left).  Esplanade was a little bit narrow to have the typical double track in its neutral ground.  As a result, the “devil strip” — the space between the two tracks — was more narrow on Esplanade than on most New Orleans streets.  Note that the trolley wires are suspended between poles set at the edges of the neutral ground, rather than from a center pole, as is the usual neutral ground practice in New Orleans.  But still, space was found for a double line of trees. — New Orleans Curio Co./Albertype (upper), A. Selige (lower)



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