Picture 179.

This picture was also taken from the vicinity of the Carondelet/Bourbon intersection, about 1925.  In the left foreground, we see a single truck car on the outer riverbound track, and next to it, a double truck “Palace” car with a 700 number on the inner riverbound track.  At the lower right, another “Palace” car is on the lakebound inner track.  The “Palace” cars now sport two trolley poles each.  An examination of older pictures showing cars of this series reveals that they originally had only one trolley pole each.  With two poles, the motorman can change direction at the end of the line by simply leaning out the window; with one pole, he must get out of the car and walk the pole around to face the other way, a real nuisance in bad weather!  There is no longer a track crossing Canal from Carondelet to Bourbon St.  The Clio line no longer crosses Canal, but runs in uptown only, and the Carondelet line has been succeeded by Freret on its uptown trackage and the famous Desire line on its downtown trackage.  Automobiles are plentiful in this picture, but we see that they are parallel parked against the neutral ground curb.  Later pictures show angle parking.  There is a big HOLMES sign on top of that store, in the upper center of the picture; it shows up in front of the right-hand wing of the Maison Blanche building.

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