Picture 193.

Looking out Canal from St. Charles/Royal.  At the left, single truck car 63, marked for the New Orleans Railway and Light Co., has just crossed Canal upbound, on the Clio or Carondelet line of the old St. Charles Street RR (SCSRR).  This car is probably one of the group of FB&D cars numbered 51-80 which were delivered to the SCSRR by St. Louis Car Co. in 1901.  Another single truck FB&D car is coming toward the camera on the riverbound outer track.  Canal Belt line “Palace” car 020 is on the riverbound inner track, heading for the loop terminus at the Liberty Monument.  Magazine line “Palace” car 074 is on the lakebound inner track, heading for the stub terminus on N. Franklin just off Canal.  The dash panels on the cars instruct passengers to “Pay Conductor on Entering.”  Note the passenger about to board car 074 at its open left rear door.  The dual gauge double right rail is visible on the outer riverbound track. — J. Scordill, M. M. Levy

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