Pictures 197 and 198.

Two versions of another view much like Picture 196, the upper one postmarked 1911, the lower postmarked 1909.  The car closest to the camera, operating on one of the old Orleans RR lines (Bayou St. John, Broad, or City Park), is maneuvering from the outer riverbound track to its terminus on the center track, crossing and blocking the inner track on the way.  After pulling up toward the photographer and changing ends, it will take the crossover to the outer lakebound track to begin its return trip.  Behind it, on the inner riverbound track, a car on the Coliseum or Henry Clay line is just about to complete its turn from St. Charles Street.  These two cards illustrate the tendency of postcard publishers to try to improve on reality.  They are undoubtedly taken from the same photograph; compare, for example, the pedestrians on the far sidewalk at the right center.  But each picture has had different foreground details painted out.  In the upper view, note the buggy behind the 5¢ sign in the upper picture, missing in the lower.  Compared to the lower view, the upper view has had numerous pedestrians removed from the foreground, in the street and on the sidewalk.  But note the cart pulled up to the neutral ground curb in both pictures.  The streetcars in the two pictures have also been retouched differently.  In the upper version, the closest cars have X-gates on their platforms rather than doors; the Orleans RR car appears to have many more windows than it possibly could have had, and it appears to have double trucks.  (Double trucks are just barely possible.  A whole 201-car series of small streetcars originally had Brill 22-E “maximum traction” double trucks, but these proved unsatisfactory and were replaced by single trucks.)  In the lower version, the same streetcars appear to have fewer but wider windows, single trucks, and solid doors on their platforms. — New Orleans News Co. (lower)

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