Picture 206.

This is a lakeward view looking toward the Camp/Chartres intersection.  Godchaux's Department Store is on the right, at Chartres Street.  “Palace” car 038, on our left, working the Dauphine line, is approaching on the riverbound inner track.  We can see some of the crossovers between the inner tracks and the center track.  An 1894 Brill single truck car, no. 129, is on the center track terminus, changing ends to begin its next trip on the French Market, Levee and Barracks, S. Peters, or Tchoupitoulas line.  Compare its narrow clerestory roof to the wider ones on the single truck cars on the lakebound tracks to our right, which are probably some of the Ford, Bacon & Davis cars.  Although this card is not dated, the absence of any kind of motor vehicles dates it to the first decade of the 1900s. — J. Scordill

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