Pictures 207, 207.5, 208, and 209.

Four similar views, all taken from the Canal Street neutral ground looking out toward the lake from the block between St. Charles/Royal (behind the camera) and Carondelet/Bourbon (ahead).  Downtown is to the right featuring the Maison Blanche building, and uptown to the left featuring the building with the distinctive corner tower at Carondelet Street.  The Maison Blanche building still serves New Orleans, although the big department store building is now a hotel.  In the upper view, single truck car 41 shows its curved sides as it proceeds toward the river on the outer track.  This car is probably one of the 41-50 series of the old St. Charles Street RR, built by St. Louis Car Co. in 1899.  It is probably serving the Dryades line.  The third view features single truck car 226 on the outer riverbound track, one of the American Car Co. standard gauge FB&D cars delivered to the New Orleans & Carrollton (NO&C) RR in 1899.  This picture shows passengers in the act of boarding a car on the inner lakebound track at its left rear door.  The bottom picture features someone in a street railway uniform, probably a starter or supervisor, watching the streetcar activity.  On the left, a car is just going past the camera on the outer riverbound track, while on the right, single truck car 137 signed for Jackson Ave. is moving away from the camera on the outer lakebound track.  This car was part of the first series of FB&D cars, originally numbered 25-49, built in 1896 by American Car Co. for the Canal & Claiborne RR.  When the C&C was merged with the NO&C, this group of cars was renumbered 125-149.  At the Bourbon Street intersection, a car on the inner lakebound track is boarding passengers from the left side.  In all three pictures, we see again the lack of a center track in this section. C. B. Mason (top), E. C. Kropp (second), Van Noy (third)

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