Pictures 212 through 215.

These four pictures look toward Maison Blanche from the other direction, compared to Pictures 172 through 205.  We are looking in toward the river, with the uptown side of Canal to our right, and the downtown side to our left.  In the top picture, Rampart Street is in the foreground.  The other three pictures were taken from a point a little bit riverward from the first picture.  In those views, the first cross street is Burgundy/University Place (which becomes Dryades Street, one block up).  The top picture was taken around 1910; note the lack of automobiles, and the “Pay Conductor on Entering” sign on the streetcar dashes.  The nearest car is a “Palace” car carrying two signs for the Canal Belt line, one hanging on the dash, the other in the front clerestory glass.  Unfortunately, the car number is obscured by a sign reading “To Baseball”.  The car is on the inner lakebound track, coming toward the photographer.  Just behind it, on the outer lakebound track, is a single truck car, number 223, one of the 1899 American Car Co. group of FB&D cars, with a Tulane Belt route sign in its clerestory glass.  On the right, another single truck car, number 44, is going away from the camera on the outer riverbound track.  This car belongs to the 41-50 group built in 1899 by St. Louis Car Co. for the St. Charles Street RR.  (This same car 44 is also seen in Picture 166.)  Looking closely at the curve to this track from S. Rampart Street, one can see that the right-hand outer rail on this double gauge track comes in from the curve; before this point, the outer track is standard gauge only.  The reason for the barricades, marked “Street Closed M. R. P.”, is not known.  It is interesting to note that even as mundane an object as a street barricade was painted with fancy lettering and flourishes in that era.  The other three pictures appear to date from the 1920s.  (A copy of the bottom postcard is known postmarked 1922.)  The third picture features a “Palace” car turning from the Canal Street outer riverbound track into University Place on the Dryades, Jackson, or Louisiana line.  The bottom picture features an arch roof car in the center foreground.  This is probably one of the 400 class cars, but could possibly be an 800 class car, as the 800s were acquired in 1922.  The car is probably serving the St. Charles Belt line. — C. T. American Art (second), E. C. Kropp Co. (third and fourth)

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