Picture 215.7.

This picture of Canal Street from the Burgundy/University intersection looks toward the river.  In the left foreground, we see car 433, probably on the Tulane Belt, on the outer track heading lakebound.  At the left center of the picture, car 821 is lakebound on the inner track to serve the N. Claiborne line.  At the right we find two arch roof cars on the outer riverbound track.  The first car could be a 400- or an 800-900-series car.  The second is car 813 on the St. Charles Belt line.  In the distance we can also see an assortment of other streetcars, mostly deck roof designs, but they are too far away to make out any details.  The appearance of a N. Claiborne car on the inner track, which was broad gauge, means that this picture was taken after that line was converted from standard to broad gauge in February 1926.  The Canal Street tracks were rebuilt from five to four tracks between December 1929 and February 1930.  The picture therefore dates between 1926 and 1929.  This implies that cars 433 and 813 were standard gauge cars at the time of this picture, because the St. Charles and Tulane Belt lines were not converted to wide gauge until October 1929, after the 1929 strike. Charles Franck photo, collection of Earl Hampton

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